Baby Boomer Sex Siren: What Happened to Carol Doda?

Posted on March 29th, 2015 in 1960s,Crime,Movies,Pop Culture,Sexual Revolution by Terry Hamburg

In my 15 minutes of boomer fame, I was the biggest pop culture celebrity around—literally. Get a load of these numbers. 44DD/24/35.

I was the first to go topless in 1964 and started a sexual revolution that spun as fast as twirling tassels. Topless is so common today, it’s hard to believe how daring it was in those early boomer years. The Condor Club in San Francisco became infamous overnight.

Even in liberal San Francisco, what I did was technically a crime. The cops raided. The owner and I ended up in the slammer. I was back slamming on stage in two shakes of a stripper’s tail.

I began my chilly dancing career as a 19-year-old with modest but perky 34Bs. My horizons expanded. I have no secrets. The procedure involved direct silicon injections, which are now banned because the plastic tends to migrate. I had 44 treatments (just a co-incidence) and never experienced any problems.

Who do you think did the first bottomless dancing? Little (big) ‘ole me, 5 years later. Everyone was afraid to be the pioneer. Not Carol Doda.

You can’t go on stripping forever but I was still shaking it until my mid-40s. I kept in the celebrity lime-light in a few movies, most noticeably as Sally Silicone with the Monkees in Head. You might have caught me as the spokesperson for channel 36 in San Jose where I’d coo: “You’re watching the perfect 36.” There was no channel 44. I also did editorial content and turned run-for-a-snack time into must-gander television.

I now own Carol Doda’s Champagne and Lace Lingerie Boutique in San Francisco, specializing in plus sizes. I wait on customers personally. Big can be very sexy.

Trivia Factoids

~Carol’s topless dance routine consisted of the Swim, Twist, Frug, and Watusi.

~Many delegates at the 1964 Republican National Convention in San Francisco attended the Condor to watch the topless action.

~Days after Carol rocked the world, almost all the clubs in North Beach stripper’s row went topless.

Boomer Trivia Questions

►Who was the first American actress to appear fully nude (breast and buttocks) in a major movie?

Tuesday Weld
Carol Lynley
Marilyn Monroe
Jane Mansfield

►A well-publicized sex-related accident took place at the Condor Club in 1983. What was it?

~ A turning dance platform spun out of control, causing the stripper to hold on to the pole while flying in circles at 20 miles per hour. She was flung off and broke a collarbone.

~ A manager’s 120 pound Presa Canario dog escaped from his office and grabbed the end of a leather ribbon that a stripper was unwrapping from her body, dragging her offstage and almost out the door. She broke a leg and never danced again.

~ A stripper and her bouncer boyfriend were making after-hours love on the hydraulic piano when he accidentally kicked the “up” button and was crushed to death against the ceiling. The lady was pinned under him for hours but survived uninjured when the morning janitor showed up and called paramedics.

►Who was the first actress to show bare breasts on television?

Valerie Perrine
Susanne Summers
Sally Kellerman

Answers at end of post

CarolDoda1Carol is at bottom middle


►The Condor Club was famous for its descending piano that delivered Carol Doda to her dancing station. The tryst-interruptus was front page news in San Francisco.

►The first American actress to bare it all in a movie was voluptuous Jane Mansfield in the 1963 sexcapade, Promises, Promises. She was 30 at the time and past her prime in terms of career, if not beauty. Jane Mansfield died in an auto accident four years later. Her daughter, Maria Hargitay, survived the crash and went to play Olivia Benson in the television hit Law and Order.

►Valerie Perrin was the first to bare her breasts on television in 1973, albeit on the Public Broadcasting Network in Steambath. Few PBS stations dared to air the show. Two years later, she was nominated Best Actress for her portrayal of stripper Honey Bruce, wife of comedian Lenny Bruce in Lenny. She also played Miss Eve Teschmacher, the moll of criminal mastermind and Superman nemesis, Lex Luthor.